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The Bridal Service

Whether you need ideas and inspiration for your perfect look or you have certain ideas in mind, but don't quite know how to achieve it yourself, My Bridal Artist can help you design your bridal look to complement your dress, accessories, and wedding scheme. It's your wedding day and we will work with your own personal style to create a look that you are going to feel comfortable with.

Who can we cater for?

We have a fantastic team of artists working for MBA, so we can cater for any size bridal party. We are happy to supply the required number of artists to cater for your entire party, no matter how big... we recently had a wedding with 13 bridesmaids, 2 mums, flower girls and of course, The Bride! 

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding your requirements.

The Trial

Once you have booked with us, we will liaise with your dedicated MBA Artist, and then arrange a pre-wedding trial with yourself. This is a very important part of the service, as it gives you a chance to meet your Artist and most importantly, to have your Hair and Makeup look created and tailor made to your needs.

We suggest that the trial is carried out approximately 6-12 weeks prior to your wedding day but can be sooner if required.

The trial is documented with photographs and product lists to ensure that your look will be recreated to perfection on the wedding day. A schedule is also organised by your MBA artist to ensure a smooth morning for you and your bridal squad.

The Wedding Day

On the day of the wedding, your MBA artist will arrive at the pre agreed time at your location and will then begin to work to the schedule. We ask you are all in the chair for you time slot, any movement here could affect the morning. 

Not only should your Hair and Makeup look perfect but it also needs to be photo-friendly and stay fresh throughout the day and evening. 

Our Artists stay until you are in your gown and will provide any last minute touch ups until the last moments. We will also be on hand to help you feel calm, stress free and most importantly, enjoy your wedding day preparation time.

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